2017 CPAG Summit: Beyond Social Investment

On 8 September 2017, CPAG held a summit examining and critiquing the Government's view of welfare provision, and discussed what a social welfare system that genuinely put "the well-being of children at the centre” would look like. The summit, which ran from 9.30am - 4pm, explored what changes to policies and budgets would make the difference required for all children to thrive.

The annual event was held in partnership by Child Poverty Action Group, The Retirement Policy and Research Centre (RPRC) and the Centre for Applied Research in Economics (CARE) at the University of Auckland Business School.

Proceedings Summit 2017: Beyond Social Investment (Oct 2017)

Watch the Summit Video from 9.30am - 12.30pm below. This includes speakers Peter Whiteford, Simon Chapple, Peter Alsop, David Kenkel and Jess Berentson-Shaw. 

Find more information on the summit here.