Presentation by Michael Fletcher on social insurance

CPAG is concerned about the floating of the idea of social insurance. As we said in our Dec 2020 Briefing to the Incoming Government re Income Support: "We do not see how equitable outcomes and income adequacy can be guaranteed for all (including those excluded from any such scheme), and we are fearful that children, Māori, Pacific peoples, women and low income workers will become even less visible and supported. CPAG is concerned that such schemes carry a high risk of increasing inequality: they can quickly become complex and cumbersome, with the risk that those most affected by poverty will implicitly be treated as less deserving and forced to fall further behind."

Michael Fletcher, from the Institute for Governance and Policy Studies at Victoria University, gave this excellent presentation to the Fabian Society on June 20, 2020 on social insurance as an unemployment response for New Zealand post-Covid.

Click here to view the presentation - or you can dowload it at the link below.