Child Poverty Action Group believes good housing policy is of utmost importance to child wellbeing.

Alongside caregivers’ love and good nutrition, housing that is warm, secure and affordable is a fundamental prerequisite for the development of a child’s potential. Everything else – good health, education and general quality of life – builds on the foundation of secure, affordable, safe warm and dry housing.

CPAG has produced many commentaries outlining the links between poor housing and poor health and education outcomes for children, and also what can be done to guarantee healthy housing even for our least well-off families.

In 2003, the CPAG report ‘Room for Improvement: Current New Zealand housing policies and their implications for our children’ sounded the alarm bells. In that report, we said:

"Growing inequality in New Zealand has particularly affected young children, and far too many of them are growing up in deprived circumstances…. Giving families access to stable accommodation… should be the birthright of every child, but that is far from the case in New Zealand today. Unless society gets housing right, other attempts to address child poverty are bound to disappoint and to be only a temporary bandaid.”