The future of New Zealand depends on the well being of every child

"Many things we need can wait.  The child cannot.  Now is the time his bones are being formed; his blood is being made; his mind is being developed.  To him we cannot say tomorrow.  His name is today." — Gabriela Mistral

Our children, our choice: priorites for policy.  Part one: child health and poverty (2014)

Child Poverty and Health is the first of a series of CPAG policy papers, called Our Children, Our Choice, which will be published in coming months with recommendations for policy change to alleviate child poverty. In Child Poverty and Health, CPAG makes nine recommendations which would significantly improve the health outcomes of children in poverty.

Healthy homes = healthy kids

Why do so many New Zealand children suffer from illnesses other countries manage to prevent? Because of poor housing.  TV's John Campbell interviews CPAG health spokesperson Prof Innes Asher about the issue.

Every child to thrive, belong and achieve? Time to reflect and act in New Zealand (2012)

New Zealand continues to grapple with poor and inequitable child health and wellbeing outcomes. The associated high economic costs, the long-term impact on adult health and New Zealand’s international children’s rights obligations provide further grounds for action. Although there have been many different reports offering solutions and some key areas of progress, gains have been limited and there has not been sufficient clarity and agreement on wider actions. The environment is complex and solutions cross agency and disciplinary boundaries.

Primary health care funding for children under six years of age in New Zealand: why is this so hard?  In Journal of Primary Health Care (2010) 

Poverty leads to poor health (2010)

Poor children get sick more often.  Poverty in childhood also has long-lasting negative effects on adult health.   In this presentation Dr Nikki Turner illiustrates how poverty leads to poor health with an emphasis on children.

Professor Innes Asher's Porritt lecture on Improving our poor child health outcomes (2010)

The Porritt Memorial Lecture is held annually and serves to celebrate the memory of The Lord Porritt - Rhodes Scholar, Olympian, Former Royal Surgeon and Governor-General of New Zealand.  The presentation covers: child health outcomes in New Zealand – international comparisons and inequalities within New Zealand; secondly determinants of health – a triple jeopardy; thirdly child rights; and finally how we can work together to improve these outcomes.

CPAG/Paediatric Interest Group Writing Competition 2011

In 2011 CPAG in conjunction with the Paediatric Interest Group, a student based organisation at the University of Auckland ran a Child Poverty Writing Competition.  And the winners are:

Kate Duggan for her academic essay on Health equity: what it means for child health which has also been published in the New Zealand Medical Journal.  Congratualations to Kate for her exception work.

CLaire McLean for her creative writing piece - a thought provoking poem entitled Bellingham Road

Prof Innes Asher's med students share their experiences of child poverty and health

Child health and child poverty in New Zealand – a medical student’s experience #1.   Timothy Godwin MBChBV June 2011

Child health and child poverty in New Zealand – a medical student’s experience #2.   Sarah Merry MBChBV June 2011