The latest: Youth service and money management in New Zealand: Preliminary research findings

Youth service and money management in New Zealand: Preliminary research findings (December 2018)

A new report by CPAG Associate, Dr Louise Humpage (University of Auckland) which highlights how young people are still being targeted by punitive policies of Money Management that were introduced by the previous government. 

Strategic Responses to the review of the Residential Tenancies Act Alan Johnson

This discussion document contains useful information to help guide submissions on the reform of the Residential Tenancies Act in 2018 from four angles.

What it will take to have a welfare system fit for families in the 21st century? (September 2018)

CPAG's Welfare Fit for Families campaign promotes 17 concrete and practical recommendations to aid in achieving the Government’s vision, set out in a downloadable document and available now online.

Will children get the help they need? An analysis of effectiveness of policies for children in the worst poverty in 2018 (May 2018) Associate Professor Susan St John & Yun So

This backgrounder provides further technical analysis to show how much is needed for very low income families to be lifted over particular poverty lines

Progressive universalisation of Working for Families (March 2018) Associate Professor Susan St John

This backgrounder is offered as a contribution to the discussion about what further should be done to Working for Families policy to ensure that Government’s targets of halving child poverty and significantly reducing the worst child poverty can be achieved, while advancing  the ideals of progressive universalism.