CPAG Wellington Seminar - Child Poverty and Social Justice: Not all are equal in NZ

On Wednesday September 21 CPAG held a Child Poverty and Social Justice: Not all are equal in NZ seminar in at the Victoria University of Wellington Pipitea Campus.

The evening provided an opportunity to discuss benefit fraud and the effects on families and children in poverty. Including a presentation about Kathryn's story, the story of a  chronically-ill beneficiary mother convicted and jailed for benefit fraud despite maintaining her innocence. It was a very successful evening, with a fulll house and very passionate and talented speakers sharing their insights and research findings around different treatments in the justice system between tax evasion and welfare fraud.

Speakers & presentations

Catriona MacLennan: Author of Kathryn's Story. She is a barrister, journalist and social activist with extensive experience in benefit law, credit and loan sharks and domestic violence. See her video presentation here

Assc Prof Lisa Marriott: Associate Professor of Taxation at Victoria University of Wellington's School of Accounting and Commercial Law. See her presentation slides here