The complexities of 'relationship' in the welfare system and consequences for children launch

CPAG launched a new report on the complexities 'relationship' in the welfare system at the Mangere East Learning Centre on 12 December 2014

The four authors, Susan St John, Catriona MacLennan, Hannah Anderson and Rebecca Fountain, each spoke at the launch and their presentations are available to download here: 

"What if? What if we looked at the world from the viewpoint of the best interests of the child?Almost all social policy would look different and most certainly we would not have arelationship-based welfare system like our current one."

Susan St John, 12 December 2014

In "The complexities of 'relationship' in the welfare system and the consequences for children",  CPAG argues the focus needs to shift from what a sole parent is not entitled to, to what she and her children need to thrive.