Reflections on the Budget and the response to the recession

CPAG  joined with the Retirement Policy and Research Centre in conjunction with the Public Policy Group, and The Department of Sociology at The University of Auckland to host a seminar on the 27th May.

In this seminar we looked to the recent budgets announced in Australia and New Zealand. How did these budgets respond to the crisis, and how do they share the burden of austerity? What are the longer term implications for social policy and inequality?

While New Zealand and Australia shared similar policy frameworks for much of their colonial histories, these paths began to diverge during the period of economic restructuring.  We asked whether these policy differences are being entrenched, and what the implications of this are for both countries.


The main presentation at the seminar was given by Dr Ben Spies-Butcher.  Dr Ben Spies-Butcher is a visitor at the Retirement Policy and Research Centre. He teaches Sociology at Macquarie University in Sydney, and is a Fellow of the Centre for Policy Development and a member of the Centre for Research on Social Inclusion.

You can access the presentation powerpoints here: Growing apart or coming together?  Australia and New Zealand since the crisis.