Measuring deprivation in New Zealand regions - presentation series by CPAG & Associate Professor Dan Exeter

In March and April, Associate Professor Dan Exeter held a series of presentations about deprivation in the Nelson-Malborugh, Otago and Canterbury regions. The presentations discussed the development of the Index of Multiple Deprivation (IMD), and demonstrated the different ways in which the IMD and its domains could be used to better understand the drivers of deprivation within each city’s region. Dan also discussed the potential for the IMD to inform health and social policy. Download Dan's powerepoints for Otago here, Nelson-Malborough here, and Canterbury here.

You can find Dan's reports on the regions below:

Deprivation in the Nelson Marlborough Region (March 2019)

Deprivation in the Otago Region (March 2019)

Deprivation in the Canterbury Region (March 2019)

Deprivation in the Northland Region (March 2019)