Media Release: Dunedin event with a focus on healthy and affordable housing

The state of New Zealand’s housing for the poor and underprivileged has never been of more critical importance. An alarming number of families and children suffer through cold, damp, mould and illness because of inadequate housing ­­– others don’t even have a house, forced instead to move from place to place, or even to live out of their cars.


A safe, warm home should be a basic human right.


The Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) recently launched an influential nationwide campaign to highlight the often hidden failures of housing in New Zealand, with a view to increasing awareness and provoking change at a governmental level.


The latest in a series of events to shine a light on these issues is being held in Dunedin on 16 October.


This community event is for anyone with an interest in housing and poverty, and those keen to learn about the links between poverty, housing and health, and to hear about local solutions that matter to Dunedin.

Speakers include:

-        Fatima McKague, PhD candidate at the Centre for Sustainability, University of Otago – ‘Voices of the fuel poor: the cold truth – understanding energy hardship in New Zealand’

-        Nicola Liebergreen, Assistant Research Fellow, University of Otago – ‘Out in the cold’

-        Dave Cull, Dunedin Mayor – ‘The Cosy Homes Project’


Also featured at the event is the children of Carisbrook School’s artwork on the theme of ‘what makes a good house?’.

Emily Keddell, CPAG’s Dunedin co-ordinator, says “Housing is an important issue, as it’s fundamental to understanding the connections between poverty and poor child health. National issues such as affordability and quality are important, but there are also significant local issues such as climate and associated fuel costs that add to the picture for us in the south. This community event is for anyone interested in housing and includes the views of people working on local solutions. And a cup of tea.”


An afternoon of discussion and ideas, one for all members of wider Dunedin, the event promises to open hearts and minds to an issue at our very doorstep, one that needs to be confronted as a community.


Dunedin CPAG: Talk on healthy and affordable housing – local and national issues

Carisbrook School Hall

217 South Road, Caversham


Friday 16 October