We aim for this to be a really positive, colourful, child-friendly event, bringing together people from all sections in our society to show the nation how much we care about our children's well-being and to call  ALL political parties to come together, agree to and implement a national strategy and action plan to end child poverty in our country so all our beautiful children can reach their potential.  

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* March * Music * Interactive Art * Great Speakers *

Take steps against child poverty

Join the hikoi to end child poverty in New Zealand

6th September – 11am – Britomart to Aotea Square, Auckland

One in four children don’t get a fair go in New Zealand – that’s 260,000 children.

Their families struggle to pay the bills and buy healthy food. 

They live in cold, damp, over-crowded houses.

They get sick more often and end up in hospital with serious illnesses that can affect them for life.

They go to school hungry and find it harder to learn.

The future of our country depends on how we look after all our children today.

If we look after all children, we all have a healthy future.

We’re asking politicians to come together immediately after the election to form a cross party agreement on an action plan to reduce child poverty. We need to see that those elected are committed to the steps needed to give all children a fair go so they can reach their potential.

  • Treating all low-income children equally.
  • Introducing child poverty legislation to ensure proper, regular measurement of child poverty on a range of measures, and setting targets and        timelines for child poverty reduction. Annual reporting to Parliament on progress towards the targets by the responsible Minister.
  • Improving incomes significantly for low income families and access to affordable housing and healthcare for all children
  • Ensuring an accelerated rate of poverty reduction for Mäori and Pasifika, so they achieve equity with other children.

Ask our politicians to sign up to give all our children a fair go so they can reach their potential.

This event is run as part of the national Tick for Kids Campaign.

Tick4Kids this election – vote for parties taking steps to end child poverty in Aotearoa New Zealand.