Budget 2014: CPAG Analysis & Commentary

Each year, CPAG provides an alternative, child focused analysis of the budget at our post budget breakfast series.

This year CPAG drew together a team of experts to take an indepth look at the government’s 2014 budget.  We analysed government spending in the crucial areas of health, education, social security and family incomes, as well as the big picture distributional issues. The full report will be available online soon.

CPAG 2014 Budget analysis

Budget Analysis Summary

Budget 2014 is presented in an environment of economic recovery and growing optimism. Nevertheless the social settings remain very disturbing and there is little to suggest that much will be changed by this budget.  A sustained better economy is to be welcomed. It is an opportunity to introduce policies that will repair the damage to the social fabric by deliberately changing the picture of child poverty and inequality. The annual budget is an opportunity to focus policies on the wellbeing of children and the general health of communities. In a time of recovery the children must be the first priority.


Post Budget Breakfast Presentations and Speeches


Budget 2014: CPAG Budget Breakfast, by Dr Steve Poletti 

What the 2014 budget means for social housing in NZ by Peter Jefferies


THE 2014 BUDGET, Address to the CPAG Breakfast from Paul Dalziel Professor of Economics, AERU Lincoln University 



PHA Post budget breakfast report


CPAG Media Releases

Improving economy brings opportunity to address child poverty

Child Poverty Action Group says as the economy moves out of recession and government finances improve, there is increased scope for new spending to address child poverty. 

Needs of poorest now must take priority over tax cuts

Child Poverty Action Group welcomes the government’s acknowledgement in the 2014 budget that it is important to support families with young children, but says there is a long way to go.

Media Coverage

Northern Advocate: Budget ignores child poverty, says expert

The 2014 budget will do little to address Northland's appalling child poverty problem, says Associate Professor Mike O'Brien, CPAG's Social Security Spokesman.

Radio New Zealand News: Child lobby sceptical of budget moves

CPAG says free doctors' visits and prescriptions will make little difference to reducing child poverty without also improving the incomes and the housing conditions of the very poor.

NZ Herald: Free Visits hailed as major win for families

Dr Nikki Turner, CPAG's health spokesperson, welcomed the new policy.  "It's really important for families. It takes the pressure off them about the cost of visiting their GP...It's got to be part of a bigger picture that includes housing, includes decent incomes, but it's one component and it's really important."