Hui Na Ta Tatou Rourou: with our basket, the children will prosper.

Presentations and notes from the hui, held at Manurewa Marae, below.

Day One


Welcome by Manukau Mayor Len Brown, who spoke of the power of "hope" and "good information" with local government examples of knowledge driving change. First, research showing 33% of children werestarting school with glue ear drove an increase in equity funding in Manukau. Second, research showingearly childhood education (ECE) was unavailable in South Auckland for Maori and Pacific families, and other research showing ECE provided a 3 year head-start for children in the first year of school, led to improved and appropriate provision in South Auckland of ECE. Thirdly, research showing entry charges for children at the Glenn Innes swimming pools led to a 60% drop in patronage provided adequate argument to prevent the introduction of entry charges for children at South Auckland pools. "Research gives ballast to action."

Introductions by Janfrie Wakim, CPAG Director, and thanks to the people of Manurewa who have welcomed us there and made the marae available for the many organisations represented at the hui to meet and "give hope, heart and strength to those working with and for children". Sympathy extended to all affected by tsunami, earthquakes and floods in Pacific recently. She quoted Daniel Berrigan, a civil rights activist from the 1960s: "You find hope when you do hopeful things".

Purpose of the hui set by Alan Johnson: This gathering provides the opportunity to share the collective wisdom of those gathered here, and to determine some future actions for positive change. (Note - keynote speaker Teuila Percival was unable to attend due to events in Samoa).

Keynote Speaker Sue Bradford: New Roads for activists




Keynote Speaker Susan St John: The outlook for poor children in Aotearoa




Alan Johnson: Captured by our thinking: reframing the poverty debate



Open Space Technology: Innes Asher facilitated setting forum topics and leaders


  • Leader Barbara Lambourn

    • Topic: Work through/critically assess the recommendations for alleviating child poverty from the Every Child Counts Summit. 

  • Leader Taaz Harrison

    • Topic: Practical programme to teach children how to grow food.

  • Leaders: Sue Bradford and David Kenkel

    • Topic: How do we regain influence over how we make sense of the world, or media strategies

  • Leader: Nicola McDonald.

    • Topic: Whanau ora strategies to mobilize and impact on child poverty.

  • Leader: Josh Paki.

    • Topic: Taking art/graffiti as a tool for growing community and communication.

John Minto: Moving ideas into action: Lessons from our history