Election 2014 Public Discussion Series

Running up to the 2014 Election, CPAG released a Policy Paper Series entitled Our Children, Our Choice: Priorities for Policy covering key areas related to child poverty: Health, Education, Housing and Income.  

Alongside these releases, CPAG was keen to involve its supporters and wider public in building action for change by holding public discussions, where people could come together, discuss and plan how we as the public can individually and collectively take action to bring about meaningful change for the 285,000 New Zealand children who through no fault of their own, live in poverty. 

Calls to Action 

Public Discussion 1: Calls to Action 

The break-out groups were all charged with coming up with a single 'big idea' (or sound-bite, or slogan) and supporting actions. Below is what they came up with. We challenge all New Zealanders to come up with their own catchy sound bite on child poverty and strongly encourage community groups to have a go at organising their own public discussions for action.



Public Discussion 2:  Education and Child Poverty 

How can we build networks for action on education and child poverty?



Public Discussion 3: Housing and Child Poverty 

What are the critical points for a Housing Plan?


Cross Party Consensus

Public Discussion 4: Building Political Committment 

How do we get political commitment to an overall plan to eliminate child poverty? What work do we need to do along with our network partners to make this happen? 


We warmly thank all who took part in our Public Discussion series and look forward to seeing you at the next Wellington event.