Our Children, Our Choice Policy Series

CPAG's policy paper series, Our Children, Our Choice: Priorities for Policy is now complete and available to download.  Our Children Our Choice provides an overview of the situation for New Zealand's poorest children in the lead up to the 2014 general election and supports the immediate adoption by all political parties of child-focused policies to reduce child poverty and mitigate its effects.

Childhood poverty has lifelong consequences on health, education, and social and economic participation.  CPAG believes child poverty is a moral and ethical issue and that real and sustained change to our disgraceful child poverty rates must be underpinned by a cross-party political agreement.  CPAG is looking for a firm indication from political leaders that they are committed to the steps needed to give all children a fair go so they can reach their potential. 

It is not inevitable that a quarter of New Zealand children should grow up in poverty.  As a society, we could choose a different outcome – as New Zealand did in the past and as other countries do. We could protect our children from hardship as we protect our elderly.  These are our children – this is our choice.