Election 2020: Our policies to eliminate child poverty

The COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing economic recession means this will be one of our country’s most important elections, as the parties who form a new Government will be making decisions that will impact on our society for years to come.

Therefore, this election offers a unique opportunity to reshape New Zealand’s society so child poverty is dramatically reduced and possibly even eliminated.

To achieve this, Child Poverty Action Group will be outlining policy recommendations in the areas of income, health and housing, to better inform voters and political parties about how child poverty can be effectively addressed.

The COVID-19 crisis brings serious challenges as the paid-work income of many whānau is dramatically reduced in the short and medium term. But it also brings opportunities to implement effective responses to reduce child and whānau poverty and inequality. 

Click the links below to read more about our three recommended policy priorities.

Priority 1: Kia Piki Ake Te Mana Tangata: redesign the income support system to uplift and strengthen the mana of the people, and to protect their rights including ensuring adequate incomes for all whānau and families.

Priority 2: A health and disability system that cherishes and supports our children. 

Priority 3: Healthy homes for all - so our children grow up in warm, stable environments. (to be published on July 28)