News articles 2020

As well as producing high quality independant research, CPAG provides shorter peices of commentary on issues related to child poverty. Many of these are also published in print media and online.

Expose Working for Families myths to end child poverty (2020)

Critics continue to view the Working for Families package through a distorted and incorrect lens, writes Susan St John in Newsroom.

A close look at the superannuation problem (2020)

The pressures on the state budget of a rapidly ageing population must be acknowledged, and treated holistically and with nuance, write Susan St John and Dr Claire Dale in Newsroom. 

The NZ Super Fund’s ‘magical’ thinking (2020)

By underfunding investment in the young we've been able to create budget surpluses to be siphoned into the NZ Super Fund at the current rate of nearly $2.5b a year. This has some serious impacts for a lot of families, writes Susan St John in Newsroom.

The Kiwis falling through the KiwiSaver cracks (2020)

Many low income New Zealanders can’t afford KiwiSaver contributions, and growing numbers are withdrawing their funds for hardship reasons. This vulnerable group needs options that will lift their incomes when they retire, writes Susan St John and Dr Claire Dale in Newsroom. 

Covid-19: A catch-22 for our most vulnerable (2020)

Low-income workers whose jobs have disappeared thanks to Covid-19 will increasingly need to access benefit income. When this happens, however, they lose a tax credit for their children, writes Susan St John in Newsroom. 

Let’s get the policies right this time (2020)

When we rethink our economy and how we support citizens, we must end the 19th Century bias against those in relationships, writes Susan St John in Newsroom.