Submission to the Maori Affairs Select Committee Inquiry into the determinants of wellbeing for Maori children

Download CPAG's submission 

In addition to making a written submission to this inquiry, CPAG has also asked to make an oral submission which will occur later on in the year.

Download CPAG's submission 

The terms of reference are to inquire into

  1. The historical and current health, education, and welfare profiles of Māori children. This would take account of the transmission of life circumstances between generations, and how this impacts on Māori children.
  2. The extent of public investment in Māori children across the health, education, social services, and justice sectors—and whether this investment is adequate and equitable.
  3. How public investment in the health, education, social services, and justice can be used to ensure the well-being of Māori children.
  4. The social determinants necessary for healthy growth and development for Māori children.
  5. The significance of whanau for strengthening Māori children.
  6. Policy and legislative pathways to address the findings of this inquiry.