What is really needed to make welfare fit for families?

Among CPAG's key recommendations to meet income adequacy, we hope the Government will consider the following Welfare Fit for Families campaign asks, to:

  • Substantially improve core benefits;
  • Remove harsh sanctions that impact on children;
  • Ensure that all benefits and all part of Working for Families (WFF) are indexed annually to prices and wages;
  • Remove the hours of paid work criteria from the WFF In-Work Tax Credit and extend it to all low-income families; 
  • Treat adults in the benefit system as individuals without penalising them for being in a partnership;
  • Focus on what will give children better outcomes and less on moving their carers into  paid work; and
  • Ensure that applicants receive all the assistance to which they are entitled.

CPAG's Welfare Fit for Families campaign promotes 17 concrete and practical recommendations to aid in achieving the Government’s vision, set out in a downloadable document and available now online.

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