Our Kaupapa

A comprehensive overview of Child Poverty Action Group's recommendations for Working for Families policy changes was published in Our Children, our choice: Priorities for policy (2014). A summary with costings was provided in 2015: A step change for children: Fix Working for Families.

On April 1, Child Poverty Action Group will be launching a campaign calling on this Government to fulfil the best interests of our children by strengthening Working for Families. We are asking that they Fix Working For Families (#‎FWFF‬).  The first vital step is to make the In-Work Tax Credit available to ALL low-income families, and not just a ‘deserving few’ who work the minimum number of hours required. Overnight, this would make a huge and powerful difference to the lives of thousands of the worst-off children and is consistent with the Government's stated commitment to responding to child poverty. It has the enormous advantage of high cost-effectiveness in achieving poverty reduction as all of it focuses on the real problem and higher income families do not benefit.