Opinion Pieces

Susan St John - Associate Professor of economics & CPAG economics spokesperson

Michael Timmins - Human & Child Rights Lawyer & CPAG children rights spokesperson

Emily Keddell - Otago University expert on social work and children & families social issues.


25 July 2018: Recognising the vital, unpaid work that secures our future - Jeni Cartwright, CPAG.

23 July 2018: Is Working for Families really "communism by stealth"?  - Associate Professor Susan St John, CPAG Economics and welfare spokesperson.

29 June 2018:  Working for Families is not a trap, it’s a run-down house in need of TLC - Jeni Cartwright, CPAG.

10 March: Supporting "hard-working" families?  Dr Emily Keddell, CPAG Dunedin co-ordinator, lecturer in Social Work, University of Otago

29 June: Australia could teach us a lesson in family tax credits - Associate Professor Susan St John, CPAG Economics and welfare spokesperson.

20 June: What's up with housing? But also, what's up with incomes? - Jeni Cartwright, CPAG.

12 May: Playing the blame game does nothing to fix child poverty - Lizzie Marvelly, NZ musician and writer for

2 May: Antiquated welfare system needs a reality check - Max Rashbrooke, Author & Journalist

26 April: A few ladders and lots of snakes - Anne Else, Author

19 April: Working for Families does not work for families. Ironic really - Jess Berentson-Shaw, Morgan Foundation

12 April: Child welfare needs to be at the heart of our Government - Deborah Morris-Travers, UNICEF NZ

4 April: Summer holiday fun? Not for Dale's family - Janet McAllister, Metro Magazine

From the Cradle -  Eliza Prestidge Oldfield