FAQ Document

Q1. What is Working for Families?

Q2. Who benefits?

Q3. What exactly are Working for Families tax credits?

Q4. Isn’t The In-Work Tax Credit about work and not about children?

Q5. Why is Working for Families unfair?

  Q5.1. Who is excluded?

  Q5.2. Is the complexity justified?

  Q5.3. What about a caregiver’s unpaid work?

Q6. Did the introduction of Working for Families reduce child poverty levels?

Q7. But doesn’t the In-Work Tax Credit simply offset the costs of working?

Q8. Don’t parents need a work incentive?

Q9. What does ‘abatement rate’ and ‘indexation’ mean?

Q10. Why should we index Working for Families tax credits to average wages?

Q11. Why do I have to go through Inland Revenue for a ’benefit’ for my children?

Q12. What are CPAG policy recommendations to Fix Working for Families?

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