Priorities for ‘social investment’

Download Priorities for ‘social investment’ (June 2017)

CPAG will be releasing five documents on five key election topics that will look at how evidence based policy changes can reduce child poverty if implemented after the next election. As a measure of the impact of these policy changes in real life terms we are asking all political parties to commit to reducing the annual number of child hospital admissions for poverty-related preventable diseases from 40,000 to 20,000 by 2022. The five key election documents focusing on topics of health, social investment, incomes, housing and education 

If ‘social investment’ policies were designed to ensure the wellbeing of children across all areas of life and all socio-economic levels, we could dramatically reduce the number of preventable hospital admissions among children.

The current ‘social investment’ policies are poorly designed. Under these policies, the Ministry of Social Development targets an amount of funding for children based on their meeting a specific set of experience-related criteria. This defines them as being potentially vulnerable or ‘at risk’ of poor outcomes.

While poverty is a strong determinant for poor outcomes for children, it is not one of the ‘social investment’ risk factors.

Many of the children who meet the experience criteria may not actually have poor outcomes.  Some children who need services will not receive them, while others who will not need assistance will have better access to it. 

We can turn do better than this.