Priorities for family income support

Download Priorities for family income support  (June 2017)

CPAG will be releasing five documents on five key election topics that will look at how evidence based policy changes can reduce child poverty if implemented after the next election. As a measure of the impact of these policy changes in real life terms we are asking all political parties to commit to reducing the annual number of child hospital admissions for poverty-related preventable diseases from 40,000 to 20,000 by 2022. The five key election documents focusing on topics of health, social investment, incomes, housing and education 

Without sufficient incomes, our whānau and our country cannot flourish.

With good policies, designed to ensure the wellbeing of children across all areas of life and all socio-economic levels, they can.

CPAG’s priority for the 2017 election is the introduction of measures to help substantially reduce preventable child hospital admissions, including improving family incomes.

These measures must address three key areas that desperately require remedial attention:

  • Inadequate basic healthcare services and education;

  • Income poverty and material hardship; and

  • A lack of affordable, healthy housing.

Addressing one area alone will have insufficient impact for children.

CPAG has compiled a comprehensive list of recommendations to improve Working for Families and welfare payments. Implementing these recommendations would substantially reduce the worst child poverty and contribute to a reduction in hospital admissions for poverty-related illnesses.

Priorities for family income support (June 29)

Media release (June 29)