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Janet McAllister

Communications and Research Officer

E: comms@cpag.org.nz

I noho ahau ki te taumarumaru o Puketāpapa, i toku tamarikitanga.

Kei te noho ahau ki te taumarumaru o Maungawhau.

Of Pākehā descent, Janet has a longstanding affiliation with CPAG, and a background in journalism, policy analysis, research and publishing.

She enjoys helping to ensure CPAG's contributions to the public conversation are as effective as possible, showing that child poverty is something we have collectively created - which means it is in our power to eradicate it. She has an MA in Sociology and her own research for CPAG focusses on income support. She likes graphs, maps, dancing, conversation, books, cycling and clashing colours. Roskill represent!

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