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Associate Professor Susan St John

Susan St John, QSO, CNZM is a founding member of CPAG and CPAG spokesperson on economics. She is an Associate Professor, University of Auckland Business School and part-time Director of the Retirement Policy and Research Centre. She has a particular interest in the design of income redistributive programmes for the young and old and is active in the campaign to Fix Working for Families.

Susan has co-edited many of CPAG's flagship publications. Susan was also the co-author of  Cut Price Kids: Does the 2004 Working for Families' Budget work for children? (2004) and many subsequent critiques of Working for Families  including A briefing on the  reform of the in Work Tax Credit, 2020, and with Caitlin Neuweltt-Kearns, Rethinking Income Support for Children Part 1: Ensuring Adequate Indexation of Working for Families, 2021.  Co author of Further fraying of the welfare safety net (2017), The Accommodation Supplement: the wrong tool to fix the house (2019) and with Gerry Cotterell  (2019) National’s family incomes support policy: A new paradigm shift or more of the same? Themed issue: National’s social policy legacy. New Zealand Sociology 34 (2).  On relationships in welfare system, lead author, The complexities of relationship in the welfare system and the consequences for children (Dec 2014) and manager  Kathryn’s Story ( 2016 ), update (forthcoming 2022). On housing, with Terry Baucher The Fair Economic Return: Restoring equity to the social fabric of New Zealand.

A full list of publications, blogs and commentary is found here https://susanstjohn.auckland.ac.nz/