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Associate Professor Susan St John

Susan is a founding member of CPAG and CPAG spokesperson on economics. She is an Honorary Associate Professor in the Economics Department, University of Auckland and the Director of thRetirement Policy and Research Centre.

Susan has co-edited many of CPAG's flagship publications eg Our children, our choice: prioritites for policy (2014), Left Further Behind: How policies fail the poorest children in New Zealand (2011) and Left Behind: How social and income inequalities damage New Zealand children (2008). Susan is also co-author of Cut Price Kids: Does the 2004 Working for Families' Budget work for children? (2004), Further fraying of the welfare safety net (2017), The Accomodation Supplement: the wrong tool to fix the house (2019) and recent articles include: Reflections on the Child Hardship Bill (2015), Policy Quarterly (August 2015 ), and Does the living wage ensure an adequate income for families? (2017) Policy Quarterly (Nov,2017), Institute for Governance and Policy Studies, University of Victoria, and Putting Children at the Centre: Making policy as if children mattered, Educational Philosophy and Theory, 2014.The complexities of relationship in the welfare system and the consequences for children (Dec 2014)​.