May 2017: Post Budget Breakfast series

Wellington - Auckland - Whangarei - Christchurch - Dunedin - Nelson

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Budget 2017: A trickle not a tide

This Budget does not deliver enough for all the children in poverty in New Zealand. Given that we have budget surpluses, this is a lost opportunity. Surprisingly small gestures have been made despite the Government’s loud claims to be putting children at the centre of policy. Unlike people on NZ Superannuation, people on benefits are not assisted by the tax cuts, but are assisted by the increases in Working for Families. We also note that the Government’s definition of ‘social investment’ appears to include over $1 billion on new operating and capital spending on prisons, money better spent on providing adequate support for children and their families.

There are currently 85,000 children in severe material hardship. The Family Incomes Package increase will lift 35,000 children out of severe housing stress. This is less than half the number of children in desperate need of the greatest assistance. Much more needs to be done to reduce child poverty in New Zealand.

Post Budget Breakfast Series 2017 - presentations & slides


Speakers: Alan Johnson - CPAG housing expert and Salvation Army Policy Analyst, Laura O'Connell Rapira - Director Campaigns Action Station, John Ryall -Assistant National Secretary of E tū, representing low income workers 

+ Guest commentators: Keriata StewartJess Berentson-ShawAmanda Malu; Amanda Coulston India Logan-Riley and Steph McIntyre.


Speakers: Steve Poletti - Senior Economics lecturer at Auckland University, Assoc Prof Damon Salesa - & Hon Assoc Prof Susan St John- CPAGs economics spokesperson + guest commentators Dr Cass Byrnes, Elinor Chishom, Warren Lindberg

Speaker slides coming soon. 

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Speakers: Assoc Prof Mike O'Brien & Dr Cindy Kiro

Speaker slides & presentations coming soon. 

Christchurch - Post Budget Podcast

Speakers: Helen Leahy of Te Pūtahitanga o Te Waipounamu, the Whānau Ora Commissioning Agency for the South Island; Paul Dalziel, the Deputy Director of the Agribusiness and Economics Research Unit at Lincoln University

What does Budget 2017 spell for the future of our children? This in-depth commentary explains the purpose of a government budget = what it should be doing. Podcast featuring Helen Leahy (Te Pūtahitanga o Te Waipounamu) and Paul Dalziel (Lincoln University) courtesy of Speak Up - Kōrerotia

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Guest Speaker & Panel: Associate Professor Karen Nairn: Otago College of EducationGraeme Pringle: Counsellor, Mirror Counselling Services, Pip Laufiso: Senior Education Adviser, Ministry of Education, Jo Mckenzie:  Otago Youth Wellness Trust & Desiree Williams: CEO Malcam Trust

Speaker slides & presentations coming soon. 

Nelson - 31 May 

Speakers: Alan Johnson - CPAG housing expert and Salvation Army Policy AnalystKindra Douglas - Director Victory Community Centre, Rosalie Grant - Manager Nelson Budget Service