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MSD income support 2019 - recipients and expenditure

Child Poverty Action Group backgrounder April 2020

The two graphs below show three strands of MSD income support:

  • Main Benefits (approx. 315,000 recipients, $4.2 billion net expenditure)
  • Supplementary Assistance (approx. 565,000 recipients, $2.4 billion net expenditure)
  • Hardship Assistance (approx. 649,000 recipients, $665 million net expenditure)

Together, they show the Government’s continued reliance on Supplementary and Hardship Assistance – not just Main Benefits – to deliver income support to those in need. The budgeted number of recipients and net expenditure for both Supplementary and Hardship Assistance have increased from Dec 2018.
The Accommodation Supplement continues to be used as a key means of financial assistance, with a comparable number of recipients as all Main Benefits combined. It accounts for over a quarter of all MSD income support expenditure.

Recipients data retrieved from MSD Benefit fact sheet 2019.

Expenditure data retrieved from Vote Social Development. To get estimated net spend of main benefits, a tax take of 10.5% for JSS and YYP and of 14% for SPS and SL was assumed.