The Alternative Welfare Working Group

The Alternative Welfare Working Group was established out of a common concern in the community sector that Welfare Working Group (WWG) was limited by narrow terms of reference, a punitive approach to welfare, exclusion of significant matters such as benefit adequacy, and a non-consultative style. 

Mike O'Brien, Child Poverty Action Group's Director was Chair of the group

Welfare Justice for All. Reflections and recommendations: A contribution to the welfare reform debate. (2010)

This report highlights the need to ensure all children are adequately provided for, whether parents have paid work or a social security benefit.  It also argues that a focus on paid work alone will not reduce New Zealand’s high levels of child poverty and raise families’ standard of living.


What we heard: A Summary of Submissions made to the Welfare Justice Alternative Welfare Working Group (2010)

Welfare Justice organised a series of fifteen public meetings around the country, mostly in August and September 2010, and invited submissions through its website at  In total, more than 400 people took part in.  Here is what they said.