Alternative Aotearoa July 2020 Presentations

CPAG's Susan St John and Frank Hogan both gave punchy presentations at the Alternative Aotearoa symposium at Pipitea Marae in Whanganui-a-Tara on 25 July 2020.

I am angry and grumpy” – As last speaker of the day, economist Susan St John gave an immensely quoteable yet in-depth tour of why she has cause to be cross (exhibit A: the government’s WEAG report burial) as well as giving a warning to commentators (ensure recommended ideas are not just ‘soft and fuzzy’ but rather robust and defensible) and some solutions - a tax on net equity would sort out the ‘mess’ of the rental market: “Housing is the inequality elephant in the room”. Be enlightened by her presentation on YouTube

"Does our leadership team have the 'kahunas'...?" – CPAG housing spokesperson Frank Hogan outlined why state house building must accelerate, and explained why he was hopeful it would: because the State is now a more dominant force economically than it was pre-COVID19. Ergo, "Does our leadership team have the 'kahunas' to reverse those policy settings that have seen a disproportionate wealth, 'goodies' if you like, cascade down upon and accumulate to the rich end of town while creating and ever greater inequality within an increasing majority of the community at the other end of town?" Read Frank's speech here, and see his presentation on YouTube.

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