Budget 2013: CPAG Analysis & Commentary

Each year, CPAG provides an alternative, child focused analysis of the budget. 

In 2013, we are pleased to provide the public with a variety of resources - including a 10 page budget analysis and presentations from our nationwide Post-budget breakfasts. 

We were also featured on Campbell Live the day the budget was released:

CPAG on Campbell Live, watch what our five spokespeople from Education, Health, Housing, Economics and  Social Security have to say about the 2013 Budget.  


CPAG's Budget Review 2013: An analysis of the New Zealand Government's 2013 Budget


Post-Budget Breakfast Presentations & Speeches


Is that all there is? Assoc Prof Susan St John, CPAG Economics Spokesperson (ppt slides).

Budget 2013: an overview of major spending areas, Alan Johnson, CPAG Co-Convenor (ppt slides).

Pass-Fail Economy: Education,  Prof John O'Neil, Auckland Guest Speaker (ppt slides).

The Budget 2013: Education Vote Prof John O'Neill (Education), Auckland Guest Speaker (full speech). 


The 2013 Budget: Analysis & Commentary from Prof Paul Dalziel (Economics), Wellington Guest Speaker (full speech).


A Child Friendly Economy,  Dr Bronwyn Hayward, CPAG Christchurch Convenor (ppt slides).

The Budget and Pasifica Peoples, Danielle O'Halloran, PACIFICA, Christchurch Guest Speaker (full speech).


Media Highlights

CPAG media coverage, including: pre budget media releases and coverage,  media interviews and media coverage of our nationwide Post-budget breakfasts.

Pre-Budget Media Release: what CPAG wants in the budget 

CPAG is looking to the Government for a strong indication that it now appreciates the scale and tragedy of child poverty in New Zealand.There are four key areas for children: income, health, housing, and education.

CPAG on Campbell Live

Watch what our five spokespeople from Education, Health, Housing, Economics and  Social Security have to say about the 2013 Budget. 

TV3 News: child poverty proposals lacking

TV3 political reporter, Tova O'Brien interviews CPAG convenor Mike O'Brien and others about the 2013 budget.

Radio NZ Checkpoint: Budget a 'missed opportunity' to tackle child poverty

Kathryn Ryan talks to guest speakers at CPAG Christchurch's Post Budget Breakfast getting their take on the budget 2013. 

New Zealand Herald: Budget has 'little in it' for the North's poor

The Government's "Budget boost" to support low income families will have little effect on improving Northland's appalling child poverty rates, a Whangarei Child Poverty Action Group spokeswoman says.