AGM & political forum

Over 100 of our members and supporters attended CPAG's 19th Annual General Meeting on 19th July 2017. The AGM was held at Saint Columba Centre. We reflected on CPAG‘s achievements and outputs for the year, as well as looking for better and more sustainable ways to move forward into the future.

The AGM was followed by a child poverty political forum. The forum was chaired by Frank Hogan one of CPAG’s housing spokespeople. We heard from different political parties about their vision for a New Zealand where all children can flourish in terms of the key issues of health, housing, incomes, education and social investment.  It was a valuable forum and there is no doubt the next government of NZ will need to think carefully about how it will plan to meet the needs of ALL children. See below for links to the video livestream that we did on the evening.The following representatives or candidates attended the forum:

  • Labour Party - Jacinda Ardern 
  • Green Party - Metiria Turei 
  • Maori Party – Hira Hunapo (apolgies from Shane Taurima)
  • National Party - Jo Goodhew
  • The Opportunities Party - Teresa Moore

 Apolgies from Darroch Ball (NZ first)

Questions from the forum

  1. What policy changes is your party planning to implement to reducing the annual number of child hospital admissions for poverty related preventable diseases from 40,000 to 20,000 (50%) by 2022?
  2. What plans does your party have to address housing affordabilty and availability for low income households particularly in Auckland? (please include any plans to address rental housing quality and better rights for tenants living in rental properties)
  3. How would your party change the way low decile schools are currently funded to improve edcuational outcomes for children?
  4. How will your party support and restore working for families so that all families with children have the income they need to flourish?
  5. What will your party do to ensure that investment in child wellbeing issues occurs in a way that advances the interests and wellbeing of all children?