Budget 2018: Best opportunity to benefit all children

Every year Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) hosts Post Budget events across the nation, providing a unique, low-cost opportunity for communities to come together and hear about what budgetary changes will mean for children and young people, especially those whose lives are affected by structural socio-economic disadvantage.

At each event, a child-focused analysis and commentary of the Budget 2018 (announced on May 17), will be delivered by special guest speakers, as well as spokespeople from CPAG.

Budget 2018: A first step - but not a transformation for children

CPAG said that Budget 2018 contained many good measures, such as better access for low-income families to primary healthcare; housing; social services, and critical infrastructure. But while it was a good first step, it did not not reflect the enormity of the income and wealth gaps, and the Budget did not deliver the life-changing relief from severe poverty that too many children are experiencing in 2018.  There is promise of more to come in the future following expert advisory groups' reporting back, but CPAG says that these children cannot wait and the projected budget surplus indicates that the money is there to help them now. We acknowledge that the new Government has made a commitment to children in poverty as being top priority, and that the family poverty inherited from the last decade of poor policy design and negligence won't be fixed overnight. But the opportunity to change their lives is now, and it is one that must be taken.

Speaker slides, live-stream recording (Auckland event) and Post-Budget podcast (Christchurch event) are available online here.