Summary of latest HLFS, August 2009

Escaping the Welfare Mess

In this working paper Susan St John and Keith Rankin update the substantial changes to welfare policy from 1999 to 2009 and find the core New Zealand Welfare Policy serves New Zealand poorly in the 21st century.

Why do we need yet another study to tell us the obvious?

Janfrie Wakim and Donna Wynd ask questions about how research funds are allocated

Low decile schools and teacher professional development.

Dr Vicky Carpenter looks at the educational outcomes for those in poverty and examines professional development for teachers in low decile schools

Food in schools

Donna Wynd considers the case for a breakfast programme in decile one and two New Zealand schools.

Supporting Children's learning or Tolley's Folly?

Martin Thrupp calls for caution in the consultation process for National Standards

Budget 2009: Child poverty is the issue

New Year's Primer 2009

This primer is intended to illustrate the likely economic climate within which Child Poverty Action Group (Inc) and other NGOs will work over the next twelve months.