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As well as producing high quality independant research, CPAG provides shorter peices of commentary on issues related to child poverty. Many of these are also published in print media and online.

Child Poverty Action Group v Attorney General - what did we gain? (2014) 

Frances Joychild (QC)

In June 2013 Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) decided not to appeal the decision of the Court of Appeal declining CPAG’s appeal under s5 NZBORA (though upholding it under s 19). This ended nine years of litigation by CPAG challenging the In Work Tax Credit ($60 per week to primary caregiver for first 3 children and $15 per week for each child after that) which was a child poverty alleviation measure that excluded parents on income tested benefits from receiving it.  Frances Joychild QC who was counsel for CPAG for the last 4 years (along with Jenny Ryan from the Office of Human Rights Proceedings) spoke at a CPAG 2013 end of year gathering about what CPAG had gained from the litigation -  here is what she said.