Articles 2010

As well as producing high quality independant research, CPAG provides shorter peices of commentary on issues related to child poverty. Many of these are also published in print media and online.

The dream is over but has the nightmare just begun? 

Susan St John asks Is this reform designed to help the people who somehow ‘choose’ to live at the poverty line become socially included, or is it to save money and salve moral indignation? John Key says the package is about ‘improving outcomes for beneficiaries’ but saving costs is clearly the main aim. 


Comment on Prime Minister's Statement 

Reminiscent of the welfare attacks of the early 1990s, there is a disturbing lack of empathy for the hardship endured by the people who cannot work or who can only work part-time while on a benefit. Susan St John comments on the 2010 Prime Minister's Statement.


Level of inequality just not acceptable

"New Zealand's after-tax distribution is one of the most unequal in the OECD, and child poverty rates are a national disgrace." Associate Professor Susan St John writes about the shortcomings of the report of the Tax Working Group. 


Lessons from the Tax Working Group

New Zealand once enjoyed a reputation in tax as an international leader. As the Tax Working Group (TWG) has explained, we have lost that edge. It is clear that the tax system falls woefully short on the standard criteria of equity, efficiency and administrative simplicity.  Susan St John comments.