Articles 2009

As well as producing high quality independant research, CPAG provides shorter peices of commentary on issues related to child poverty. Many of these are also published in print media and online.

Assessing the charitable model

With almost no critical analysis, the acceptance of the Americanisation of the New Zealand way of life continues with the Prime Minster John Key’s recent endorsement of the US charitable model.   


Why do we need yet another study to tell us the obvious?

A significant grant of $810,000 over two years has recently been made by the Health Research Council to support research which will investigate the effects of providing breakfasts to children on their learning, academic performance, nutrition, and health.  Evidence is not the issue here given the benefits of breakfast for children.  Nor is the cost. The issue is government unwillingness to acknowledge hunger in New Zealand, and to deal with it directly and comprehensively.  

National Standards: Supporting Children's Learning or Tolley's Folly? 

Next week the government begins nationwide public consultation around its controversial plans to introduce National Standards into all primary and intermediate schools from 2010. Depending on the form they take and the way they are used, National Standards could be a very damaging development for New Zealand or they could be more useful. The consultation will certainly warrant attention by all concerned with the wellbeing of New Zealand's children and its future prosperity.