Articles 2008

As well as producing high quality independant research, CPAG provides shorter peices of commentary on issues related to child poverty. Many of these are also published in print media and online.


Closing the door to hope (2008)

No wonder John Key could honestly say, announcing his party’s welfare policy, that the widow’s benefit “gave my mother enough security to keep us together and keep us focused on a time when things would improve. By having our most basic needs covered as a family, we were able to hold on to that most precious human emotion – hope.”  Letter from Eslewhere by Dr Anne Else


Social Stigma makes parenting that much harder (2008)

Sole parents are often identified as an economic and social "problem" in political debate and by the media. But these stereotypes themselves affect social attitudes and undermine the mental and emotional well-being of sole parents and their families. Christine Todd


Children still left behind despite $4.5 billion spend (2008)

Susan St John laments over Working for Families. Since 2005 the Government has poured an extra $4.5 billion into Working for Families. Without that injection into the lower and middle deciles of the income distribution, measured child poverty would have continued to rise and there would have been unimaginable distress in communities up and down New Zealand. 


Reaping the rewards of wholesale indifference (2008)

The background story to Randwick Park, and indeed to many parts of South Auckland, is one of indifference. Personal indifference, official indifference and political indifference. Alan Johnson


Landmark legal case challenges discriminatory In-Work Tax Credit (2008)

By 2006, the incomes of New Zealand’s poorest families had been falling relative to average incomes for many years.  In April that year the In-Work Payment was introduced.  This extra payment was desperately needed by all children in low-income families, but denied to the poorest children where parents did not work the necessary hours.