Park Up For Homes heads west this Friday

After attending the recent Auckland #Parkup events, a group of supporters have decided to bring the protest west, to raise awareness for those who are regularly sleeping rough in New Zealand. 

This movement of peaceful protests all share a common goal of seeing an increased Government response to the growing housing crisis and measures to create a better safety net for the most vulnerable who are being squeezed out of housing all together into cars, garages and caravan parks. 

Yvonne Purcell, organiser of Parkup: West Auckland, said that she and her co-organisers wanted to bring support for those who need it most. "It’s the shared goal that unites us, because it’s happening out west as well. It is not right in a rich economy such as New Zealand has, for many to be going without," says Purcell.

"We need Government to make these people an urgent priority - and to ensure that money coming into housing infrastructure will mean affordable and healthy homes for those who need them most."

Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) are supporting the #ParkUpForHomes campaign and have outlined a number of policy measures they believe will turn this crisis around. CPAG Housing spokesperson Alan Johnson says it is encouraging to know so many Kiwis do care and he hopes the Government does too. 

"This growing problem of street and carpark homelessness will not disappear by simply rezoning paddocks as Nick Smith would have us believe," says Johnson. 

"As an urgent priority we simply need to go out and build more state houses. Instead of squeezing dividends out of Housing New Zealand, the Government should be throwing hundreds of millions of dollars into Housing New Zealand so that it can build more state houses on land it already owns."

#ParkUp West will be held in the carpark at Henderson’s West Wave Pools and Leisure this Friday, July 8 from 6pm. Keep an eye on the Facebook event pagefurther details or to RSVP. 

A #Parkupforhomes protest will also be taking place in Napier on July 23. Other events are being planned for Parnell in Auckland, and in Christchurch. More details will be released soon.

#Parkup West would like to express gratitude for support from the following businesses and organisations: Fresh Choice Glen Eden, Young Vinnies Youth, Holy Cross Henderson Parish Youth, Henderson Samoan Youth and Tongan Community, PAK’nSAVE Henderson, Warehouse Stationery Lincoln Road, Pete’s Packaging, Henderson Police, Henderson St John and the New Zealand Fire Service Henderson.

Visit the #Parkupforhomes Facebook page to find out about more events in your area, or email for more information.