#Parkupforhomes goes nationwide

What started as a bright idea between a few friends has spawned into a nationwide out-pouring of energy to see our most vulnerable given better housing provision. 

The #Parkupforhomes movement is set to kick-off at 6pm, tomorrow evening (June 16) at the Mangere Town Centre, Auckland and further events are planned for Otara and Wellington (both on Saturday June 25).

#Parkupforhomes coordinator Justin Latif says the enormous response shows that this is an issue close to many Kiwis’ hearts.

"Ordinary New Zealanders are saying what is being done for homeless people including many children is simply not enough," says Latif.

The #Parkup Mangere action has had over 1000 people RSVP and #Parkup fever is now in full swing across the nation as independent organisers are rallying teams together to to hold #Parkup protests in Parnell, Auckland City, West Auckland and even in the far south. 

Latif says he never expected so many people to be willing to sleep in their cars during the middle of winter to show solidarity with those doing it tough.

"The fact this concept has gone viral shows that the Kiwi attitude of seeing all given a fair go is alive and well."

Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) Housing spokesperson Alan Johnson says it is encouraging to know so many Kiwis do care and he hopes the Government does too.

 "This growing problem of street and carpark homelessness will not disappear by simply rezoning paddocks as Nick Smith would have us believe. 

"As an urgent priority we simply need to go out and build more state houses. Instead of squeezing dividends out of Housing New Zealand, the Government should be throwing hundreds of millions of dollars into Housing New Zealand so that it can build more state houses on land it already owns."