CPAG applauds Glenn's $80m pledge against family violence

Child Poverty Action Group has applauded Owen Glenn’s generosity and commitment to help stem the tide of child abuse in New Zealand.   

Businessman and philanthropist Owen Glenn announced on 17th July he would donate $80 million towards tackling family abuse and violence throughout New Zealand.  The South Auckland suburb of Otara will be the "pilot" community to implement a series of programmes and will receive an immediate donation of $8 million from the Glenn Family Foundation.

Spokesperson Mike O’Brien said, “$8 million will provide a great boost for Otara, which is one of New Zealand’s poorest centres.  This donation will provide long term, sustained funding to support families and provide services that they can use and which are accessible.”

CPAG agrees with Glenn that positive change can only be achieved through a collaborative approach and effort from Government, community leaders, police and citizens but says the Government has a critical role to play.  Mike O’Brien said, “New Zealand needs a concerted approach on violence and abuse and reducing poverty must be a priority.  We know poverty is a major risk factor for childhood abuse and neglect.  The government has a critical responsibility to ensure that services for all children across New Zealand are well-funded and accessible.”