Report launch of "Further fraying of the welfare safety net"

Child Poverty Action Group warmly invites you to attend the report launch of Further fraying of the welfare safety net at the Ellen Melville Centre in Auckland on 18 December 2017.

Over the last nine years, significant changes have been made to the already unravelling welfare system. The content  in this report focuses on changes to welfare benefits, the Working for Families (WFF) package, and social security legislation and regulation.

The lack of an adequate welfare safety net has had a devastating impact on children's outcomes and families' ability to be financially secure.Why are we seeing a more complex and punitive system that is unable to provide for families and children? 

Guest speakers from Caritas, the Auckland Women's Centre and Auckland Action Against Poverty will share insights of real life consequences of these changes to the welfare system.

CPAG authors will introduce the report:

Dr Gerry Cotterell: Co-author of the report. Gerry has a long standing  interest in the welfare reforms that have occurred since the 1980s in New Zealand.

Hon Assoc Prof Susan St John: Co- author of the report, and founding member of CPAG and spokesperson on economics and incomes. 

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Date: 18 Decemeber

Time: 12pm 

Location: Pioneer Women's Hall, Ellen Melville Centre 1 Freyberg Place. Auckland Central