Wahakura Package would provide warm welcome for babies

The Green Party's Wahakura Welcome package announced yesterday is a wonderful example of child-centred policy which would help all children get a fair and equal start in life, says Child Poverty Action Group. 

CPAG health spokesperson Innes Asher says, “This policy recognises the importance of giving all babies the best possible start, setting them on a life-long path to good health and well-being.” 

Under current government policy, New Zealand’s poorest babies are excluded from considerable tax-payer funded support available to others.  Parents on a benefit are not entitled to any extra assistance for their newborn children, taking no account of the needs of children or the valuable work of mothers caring for their babies.

 Innes Asher says, “We applaud the Green’s commitment to the principle of equality for all low income children, including newborns.  Children are our treasure and, as a society, we are all responsible for making sure their essential needs are met from the moment they are born.”