Where to find help

Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) is a policy and research organisation, and we do not have the capacity to provide services for individuals. If you would like to share your story, with the aim of raising awareness of the issues and increasing support for our kaupapa, CPAG can provide you a platform for sharing a blog or assist you with ideas for writing an opinion piece for a news media outlet. 

If you or anyone you know needs help with accessing benefit entitlements or subsidies, you can call any of the following organisations for advice and assistance:

Auckland Action Against Poverty (AAAP)

Beneficiary Advisory Service

Beneficiaries Advocacy & Information Service

Citizen’s Advice Bureau

MSD page for complaints about an income support or pension decision

AAAP has an excellent resource for benefit rights you can download here. 

Some of our stories may be emotional triggers for those who have experienced mental health issues and difficulties associated with the welfare system. We urge you, to reach out for help if your wellbeing is impacted by your experiences.