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30 August Park Up For Homes last protest in Palmerston North

23 August  Park Up For Homes: Parnell signifies time for a change

18 July Park Up For Homes in Hamilton and Napier on July 23

6 July #Parkupforhomes heads west this Friday July 8

28 June Boxing legend David Tua heads #Parkup Onehunga

20 June #Parkup Otara says "homelessness is not ok"

20 June Will Wellington MP's turn out for #Parkup Parliament?

16 June #Parkupforhomes goes nationwide

8 June John, Bronagh and Max receive invite to #Parkupforhomes: Mangere

News Media Park Up For Homes movement heads to wealthy Auckland suburb

NZ Herald Homeless protests move into PM's neighbourhood

Yahoo/NZ Wire Tua joins sleep in cars campaign 

The Daily Blog Park-up in Wellington - People speaking against the scourge of homelessness Boxing legend David Tua fronts Onehunga Park Up For Homes event

Yahoo: Sleep in cars to show you care

Newstalk ZB: More expected at Park Up For Homes events

3 News: Sleepout for the homeless spreads to Wellington

Newstalk ZB: Park Up For Homes camp out on Beehive backdoor

NZ Herald: Tua to join in on park up crusade

Maori Television: Otara community to brave the cold in support of homeless

Maori Television: #Parkupforhomes set to take place near Parliament grounds

Radiolive: Around 1000 people sleep in their cars overnight in South Auckland to show support for the homeless

Newstalk ZB: Awkward and chilly night for solidarity protesters

TVNZ: 'Strong signal to the Government' as hundreds sleep rough to support homeless

Radio New Zealand: Park up for homes brings in hundreds

Newstalk ZB: Key questioned why no National MPs are attending homelessness event

New Zealand Herald: Large turnout expected for Mangere 'sleeping in cars' event More than 1000 sleep in cars to highlight homelessness in Auckland

NZ City: Hundreds doss in cars in homeless protest

Newshub: Thousands join overnight protest at homeless sleepout

Radio New Zealand: Hundreds park up for homeless in Mangere More than 500 cars park up to support homeless families in south Auckland

Newstalk ZB: Hundreds turn out for Park Up For Homes event

Yahoo: Auckland parks up for homeless on winter night (NZ Newswire)

TVNZ: Hundreds camp out in solidarity with Auckland's homeless

Newshub video: Hundreds to park up in protest against homelessness

Maori TV #Parkupmangere: Community bands together for the homeless

TV 1 Breakfast

Waatea 5th Estate - Justin Latif was invited to join the discussion panel on Waatea TV's current affairs Waatea 5th Estate show to talk #Parkup protests, Kiwi solidarity and homelessness with Martyn Bradbury. Also featured on the panel were Labour's Phil Twyford and Green's Marama Davidson.