Park up for Homes

A car or garage is not a home.

Everyone deserves a home and every child deserves a warm, dry and safe environment to grow up in. The housing situation for many children and families is an ongoing concern for CPAG, particlarly those living in cars or garages for often long periods of time.

#Parkupforhomes is an inititive started by a small group of friends based in Mangere, who decided that it is time to rally together to show solidarity with those who, through circumstances currently beyond their control, are facing winter living in a car or garage.  The family friendly protests are proudly supported by CPAG. 

Parkup: Mangere 

**video made on the night of Parkupforhomes - Mangere: by a group called Slayroom.

Park Up For Homes in Hamilton and Napier on July 23

In the height of winter, as wind lashes and rain pours, the #ParkUpForHomes movement is going to extra lengths to show that it is not tolerable for whānau to be braving this kind of weather without adequate housing to keep them safe and warm. Stoic supporters will be parking up overnight in Hamilton and Napier this coming Saturday, July 23 to show solidarity with those for whom living this way has become an appalling reality. 

#Parkup: Mangere location

The location for Parkup: Mangere has been announced as the Mangere Town Centre carpark. Be there at 6pm for family fun and entertainment, and tell our Government it's time for real improvements to the housing situation, for those who need it the most. All our tamariki all belong to this Aotearoa-New Zealand, and it's a Government responsibilty to ensure that they ALL have the same access to warm, safe housing, at all times.

#Parkup: Otara and #Parkup: Parliament announced

#Parkup events for Otara and Wellingtonare now in full swing! Both are happening from 6pm on June 25. Check out the facebook pages for more information.

#Parkupforhomes Press release: #Parkupforhomes goes nationwide