Hikoi for Homes 21 November

In 2015 Child Poverty Action Group invited New Zealanders to join our Hikoi for Homes.

We said:

Our Kaupapa

The groups leading the Hikoi believe that because housing is a basic human need access to decent quality, affordable and safe housing should be seen a human right.  This means that our society and more specifically the State has an obligation to ensure that everyone living in New Zealand always has access to adequate and secure housing.  The groups further believe that this obligation means that housing needs to be considered as more than a commodity whose allocation is decided entirely by markets and the profit motive.

The Hikoi will be run by CPAG with support from many other community members and organisations including AAAP, Unite Union and First Union. ‘

Campaign Asks 

  • An immediate stop to the sell-off of state and council housing

  • A $1 billion annual budget for the provision more state, public and not for profit housing

  • Setting minimum standards for all rented housing

  • Greater tenure protection for tenants

  • Rent freeze for five years

  • A statutory right to be housed

  • State subsidies for modest income homeownership programmes