29 June 2016

Campaign update

CPAG will be looking at holding more workshops and seminars as we move into the second phase of the campaign: Low-income working families. Meanwhile we will continue to promote ways in which New Zealand's policies can provide better outcomes for children in low-income families. Watch for more related news on Facebook.

FWFF public response survey

We would be grateful if you would take part in a short survey about your response to the Fix Working for Families campaign. Please click the link below to share your views. Start the survey now.

How you can help the Fix Working for Families Campaign

Please like and share our Fix Working for Families Facebook page:

We are currently looking for stories from people who previously have or currently receive any Working for Families (WFF) assistance. If you have received the In-Work Tax Credit (IWTC) before we would love to hear about how well it did or didn't work for you. With your permission we would like to use your experiences as examples to explain WFF. Name and details will be anonymous and confidential.

Please send your stories to or feel free to get in contact for more info.