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Help us make New Zealand a place where all children can flourish!

We know that, every year in New Zealand there are more than 40,000 admissions to hospital of children who have illnesses that can be attributed to poverty and poor housing conditions. 

We know that 28% (295,000) of all children in New Zealand experience some form of income poverty.

85,000 children live with severe deprivation.

7% of all children live in homes that are damp, cold and mouldy.

Children over the age of 13 may not get to see the doctor in time to prevent a serious health problem, because of cost barriers.

We have some of the worst statistics for child mental health and poverty in the OECD.

These are statistics that should not be seen in a developed country such as New Zealand, which has a healthy economy and plentiful resources.

Every share of a post, every tweet and every signing of a petition by the public, helps to raise awareness of the situation for many children in New Zealand, and helps to remind our policy makers of the problems that must be fixed. Conversations about child poverty must be had in order for there to be change. With your help, we can convince those who make decisions for New Zealand to overturn this blight on our nation. Ask your local MP what their policy is on healthy homes, and better incomes so they know it's the issue most important to their supporters. It's time to have a New Zealand where all children, not just some, can flourish. 

Sharing our social media graphics is one great way you can help transform conversation to change.

Scroll down to see the images and some suggestions for hashtags and posts.

To download the files in JPG format, simply click on the title.

1. "40,000 reasons why this child deserves a home"

This graphic reinforces our ask to expand the zero fees for primary healthcare and prescriptions from the current age of 13, all the way out till a child turns 18. Teenagers have many different health needs, including for mental health. The link between poverty and mental health cannot be ignored. Too many of our teens are getting sick and not getting the help they need, when they need it because of the sudden jump to high cost healthcare.

2. "Mums boss decided to cut her hours, so the tax system decided to punish us"

Sole parents can only receive the In-Work Tax Credit portion of Working for Families (a system of tax credits designed to help low to middle income families with the additional income needs of children) if they are in 20 hours or more of paid work every week, while a couple only has to have 30 between them. Beneficiary parents do not qualify at all. Where is the recognition for the valuable work that parents do for society, in raising their children well? Or the acknowledgement that sole parents are often doing it under the hardest of circumstances.

3. "He spent the summer in the backyard. The winter as well." 

There are curently 4865 households waiting for homes, a large proportion of these are families with children, who cannot afford to rent privately. Many families living in private rentals are unable to make ends meet, and may be sharing with other low-income relatives, creating a situation where there is overcrowding - an unhealthy situation for children for so many reasons. Families living in private rentals may have to scrimp on power bills in winter time just to afford rent and food. Their children are cold, and becoming sick. Other families are living in cars, garages and tents in backyards, like this little boy.

4. Simple statement: Build More State Homes

5. Simple statement: Zero Doctors fees for under 18s

We welcome your use of these graphics, and have provided links so that you can download them in JPG format. All of these graphics can be resized as needed and provided in other file formats - email us at .

Ideas for posting

CPAG is a member of Tick for Kids, a group of organisations that support better policies for children.

Use of the hashtag #Tick4Kids with your posts will help to create a directory of like posts and tweets, a great way to build up a list of shared articles and information! Typing #Tick4Kids in Facebook or Twitter search fields will generate a list of useful posts you can read and share.

Other useful hashtags include:

#CPAGNZ #NZWhereChildrenFlourish #EndPovertyNZ #FixWFF #FWFF #BuildStateHomesNZ #EveryoneDeservesAHome #ZeroDrsFeesUnder18 #RentersRights #HousingWOF #Healthyhomeshealthykids

Some post possibilities for Twitter:

  • Working for Families discriminates against beneficiaries and sole parents. Fix Working for Families #FixWFF so that it is FAIR.
  • The waitlist for #socialhousing is getting longer. Build more state homes so all children have a place to call home.
  • To prevent children being hospitalised with preventable illnesses, minimum rental standards must be a #housingpriority

Design courtesy of long-time CPAG partner Apropos.